Target Beat Rate

The vast majority of long case, tall case, grandfather clocks have a seconds pendulum that ideally runs at 3600 Beats Per Hour.

For small desk or kitchen clocks with a balance wheel the rate is 14400 B/H or sometimes 18000 B/H.

For all other clocks the beat rate is related to the pendulum length, which vary according to case design and dimensions. The only way to determine the exact value is to do a wheel train count. This is often done by clock makers during a restoration.

Beat rate and wheel count information for a specific movement can be available online, in manufacturer or distributor specifications, and in clock forums such as NAWCC Message Board.

Note that published beat rate data may not always be accurate. Learn more

NEW for 2019: Clock Beat Rate Database

To help you find the correct target beat rate of a clock movement, a searchable database is now available from the Target Rate screen. Each record lists beat rate, brand, and a brief description with plate markings and numbers. As different clocks often share the same movement, you can even search by beat rate number to find possible matches.

The beat rate database is an ongoing effort to use crowdsourcing to collect the correct beat rate of every clock make and model in the world. This project would not have been possible without the generous contributions from the community!

If you are a clock maker willing to share your beat rate findings for inclusion in the database, please use the online Beat Rate Calculator form.

You will be listed as a contributor for each submitted beat rate.

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